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Couleurs du Sud, Vins, France
    Since 1988, the Couleurs du Sud wines give off the aromatic strength
and the typicity of Southern terroirs.

 The pioneer brand of French varietal wines
 The discovery of grape varieties, each with the character and wealth of flavours
of its own terroir
 Fruity wines, full of the colour, aromas and scents of the Mediterranean region
 The unmistakeable character of the Southern territories

Consistent in quality and reasonably priced, these light,
fruity wines are a delightful way to discover wine in
a casual setting : Click on a bottle to see its technical description

75 cl
Cabernet Sauvignon
75 cl
75 cl
Sauvignon Blanc
75 cl
Merlot Rosé
75 cl
Syrah Rosé
75 cl
Excessive consumption of alcohol is harmful to your health, so please drink in moderation. Copyright © Les Vins Skalli